Acupuncture, Meditation and Clinical Hypnosis are applied separately or in combination according to the patient and the disorder to be solved
Personalized attention, in keeping with the characteristics, needs, values and preferences of the patient
The treatments are applied by Dr Soledad Martínez in person

Mental Clarity

. Relaxation
. Meditation
. Emotional balance


. With oneself
. In love relations
. In social and affective relations


. Renewal
. Activation and rejuvenation
of the systems

Healthy Mind

. Depression
. Anxiety and stress
. Anguish. Fears
. Phobias
. Worries and emotional disorders

Healthy Body

. Pain
. Osteoarthritis. Disc herniation. Rheumatisms
. Sprain
. Insomnia
. Drug addictions
. Coadjuvant treatments for
cancer, leukaemia and other illnesses